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CNC Machine Cost Estimates

When you’re manufacturing parts and products, it’s important that you have an accurate CNC machinen cost estimate to work from. Micro Estimating’s cost estimating software is used for calculating the material, production and tooling costs for machining when you’re using a CNC machine. With automatic feature recognition technology, 3D part drawings are interpolated to determine true net CNC machine tool production cycles. And with SolidWorks integrated to produce reliable engineered process plans, you can be sure that estimated costs will be the manufacturing costs.

Applications of Our CNC Machine Cost Estimating Software

Use our software to get CNC machine cost estimates for:

  • CNC Turning
    • Multi Spindle and Live Tooling
    • Multi-Tasking Mill / Turn Centers
  • CNC Machining Centers
    • Vertical and Horizontal
  • CNC Swiss Turning
  • CNC EDM Wire and Sinker
  • Index GB
  • With CNC machine cost estimating software, you have the most powerful cost estimating tool at your disposal. You’ll enjoy increased profitability and accuracy from the moment you start using the software.

    If you're ready to see just how accurate your CNC machine cost estimates can be, request a demo today.

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