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Micro Estimating: Innovative Cost Estimating Solutions

Micro Estimating has facilitated both small and large businesses improve profitability for the past 36 years. With our cost estimating software offerings, companies achieve greater profitability by improving efficiency and accuracy in cost estimating via enhanced manufacturing engineering. The core of Micro's software is its unique and sophisticated engineering components. Complementing this technical strength, the software includes a comprehensive management system. For users, its design is the foundation for achieving greater profitability.

A Unified Cost Estimating Solution

By unifying management, design, manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, sales, costing, and accounting, Micro's software creates a continuous improvement circle of profitability. Engineering might be the cost estimating software's core strength - but ShouldCost purchasing professionals and accountants love it, too.

Micro Estimating's engineering software for both machining and fabrication encompasses process planning, estimating, bill of materials and shouldcost estimation analysis. Through Micro's proprietary Machine Tool Emulation technology (MTE) and unique Feature Recognition Estimating incorporating SolidWorks, extremely defined costs are established. The ease of use, and the accuracy of the software has gained the company international recognition as a world leader. Countless major machine tool manufacturers rely on the software, having verified its ability to accurately calculate true manufacturing times, based on actual equipment and processes.

Micro Estimating cost estimating solutions integrate with all major ERP management and accounting systems, providing engineered process planning, True Cost information, and robust estimating and quoting functions.

American Machinist Magazine presented Micro Estimating with the Excellence in Manufacturing Technology Award for "User Friendliness".

Micro Estimating has 1,000's of loyal customers in the United States and abroad, many of which have been using the software for decades.

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