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Integrated Multi-Level Bill of Materials Estimating Software

Our cost estimating tool includes a fully integrated bill of materials software application. This software is powerful enough to handle any size assembly and can contain purchased parts, as well as manufactured parts. As prices or costs change for each part, our bill of materials software updates automatically with new pricing and cost information.

Having an accurate and complete bill of materials software is essential when you’re attempting to determine cost estimates. This will ensure that estimates are complete and factor in all materials, setups and quantities. Other essential features of our bill of materials estimating software include:

  • Robust and intuitive bill of materials
  • Multi-level component listings
  • Infinite nesting of line items
  • Importing of SolidWorks bill of material is a standard feature.
  • If you’re looking for a fast, accurate and consistent method to determine true manufacturing costs, rely on Micro Estimating software. Request a demo today to learn more about our bill of materials estimating software capabilities.