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What is Feature Recognition Software?

The Automatic Feature Recognition software technology has the ability to determine true net CNC machine tool production cycles based on any given 3D part drawing. With SolidWorks integration, reliable engineered process plans are produced to assure estimated cost will be an accurate manufacturing cost. For 2D drawings, Micro Estimating includes an intelligent CAD system and on-screen smart digitizing for fast, accurate calculations.

With feature recognition software, every variable is accounted for. This means that speed and feeds, tooling, horse power, torque and idle times are all taken into consideration when a cost estimate is calculated. In addition, alternate manufacturing methods can be compared simultaneously for cost savings and best practices can be incorporated for an accurate estimate.

How Feature Recognition Software Works

In three easy steps, Micro Estimating software will automate the costing and accurately calculate the time of parts manufactured on CNC Lathes, CNC Mills, Machining Centers and sheet metal items produced on CNC Lasers, Oxy-fuel Equipment and Turret Punch Presses.

  1. The material type and production quantity is selected
  2. The 3D CAD drawing is loaded into the software
  3. The machine type is selected for production

The software interpolates the drawing, applies proprietary knowledge-based manufacturing rules and produces machine specific engineered process plans with comprehensive times and cost. Request a demo today to learn more about our feature recognition estimating software capabilities.


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