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How Job Cost Estimation Software Works

Ensuring profitability and accuracy is essential in any manufacturing environment, which is why cost estimation software is crucial. Micro Estimating provides job cost estimation software that is designed to provide the most accurate cost information possible. How does it work? The secret lies in its design.

Job Cost Software for Your Unique Industry Needs

Using proprietary machine tool and operation specific cycle-time calculators, true times and costs can be established. First, the cost estimation software calculates optimum cutting times. This is done by accessing the material and tooling libraries containing over two million speed and feed parameters. Next, the operation sequences are harmonized to the capabilities of your specific machines. This technology combined with our comprehensive database of metal working operations, standards, and formulas, provide a fast, accurate and consistent method to determine true manufacturing costs.

Our job cost estimation software gives you the ability to slice and dice information, as well as drill down to see the details behind every component. In addition, our software has the ability to automatically recognize customized fields so that you can analyze information based on the way your system is configured.

Even more compelling is that fact that not only does our cost estimation software provide accurate cost information, but it’s also easy to use. In fact, American Machinist Magazine awarded Micro Estimating with the Excellence in Manufacturing Technology Award for User Friendliness.

If you’re ready to see just how accurate our job cost software is, request a demo today.


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