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What Does Should Cost Estimation Software Do?

It’d be nice if all should cost estimation software gave you accurate and reliable cost information. With Micro Estimating software, you’ll receive an accurate job cost estimate that determines the most cost-effective and efficient materials and manufacturing processes necessary for a particular part or product.

Our should cost estimation software auto-generates detailed step-by-step, operation-by-operation documentation. It’s this kind of precision that ensures that your cost estimation is accurate. With should cost estimation software solutions, all process layouts contain setup details, including all required tools and the speeds and feeds that were factored into the final price quote. With our should cost estimation software, we precisely determine the components that are often guestimated. This includes idle or non-cut times such as stock up, tool changes and rapid travel times.

How Does Should Cost Estimation Software Help Your Business?

A standard feature of our should cost estimation software is comparing alternative routings or machines. Starting with precise raw material requirements to shipping the final product everything is calculated, priced and documented. All the information can be imported and exported in Microsoft Excel, and bi-directional integration with all popular ERP systems is supported.

Our should cost estimation software also formats quotes for customers automatically using Microsoft Word, PDF or the imbedded reporting and document software. Any report or graph generated can be easily customized to your needs.

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