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Micro Estimating offers both Internet-based and onsite training, tailored to your needs!

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Training Outlines

These classes will cover all the major topics and areas in the latest version.
CNC Turning workcenter updated: Now can accommodate more advanced Turn/Mill machines, such as the Mazak Integrex.

Labor rate quantities and utilization %: Can edit the number of workers and percent utilized at the labor screen for Setup rate, Labor rate, and each Burden rate.

Cell pricing: Can have up to 10 cells per estimate. Eliminates the need for a cell rate.

Direct buy lot charges: Added number of lots to direct buys. This allows you to price these buys in multiple lots.

Setup and Estimating Class
This one-day hands-on training class will cover software setup, online help, department databases and labor rates, routing estimates, the material library, the direct buys library, the contact library and tool library, setting up routing macros, process routings, outside service departments, tool costs, review of other libraries, estimate pricing, and other areas of interest to MSE users. Major changes in the new version will be covered. This class will not cover technical details of machining modules.

Who should attend: This class is for those who may have only worked with part of MSE in the past and want to learn more. Also, this class is for those who do estimating or quoting of projects, operations managers, process improvement/lean manufacturing teams, financial and accounting staff, those who enter job data into the software, those who set up the software, and those who maintain the databases. In addition, it is for those just getting started or those people that were trained on older versions, which are not aware of the full capabilities of the current system.

Machining Module Class
This technical one-day hands-on training class will cover CNC Turning, Machining Centers, Brown & Sharpe, multi-spindle screw machines, sawing, standards, process layouts, cycle time, setup time, tooling macros, editing/customizing speed & feed database, editing speeds & feeds in an estimate, and other areas of interest to MSE users that affect cycle time.

Who should attend: This class is for those who may have only worked with part the machining modules in MSE in the past and need to learn more, and those who want specific machine module training. Also, this class is for those who do part processing when estimating, operations managers, and process improvement/lean manufacturing teams.

Bill of Materials, Report Design, and Sales Management Class
This one-day hands-on training class will cover Bill of Materials (BOM), editing and designing reports, and sales management.

For BOM estimates this includes the relevant reports, graphs, parents, links, filters, tree view, item types, and variables. In addition, the importing of routing information, item list customization, selecting multiple materials, part nesting for sheets and plates, manufactured (FAB or machined) items, and purchased parts will be covered. Also, the vendor library, direct buys library, and estimate library will be reviewed as they relate to BOM estimates.

Report design will cover graphic reports and the Excel report interface. Graphic reports can be designed for process routing, costs, tools, estimate lists, and many other areas of the program. In graphic reports this will include the use on-line help, grids, fonts, layers, summing columns, copy/paste, variable data, fixed data, text properties, and table properties. Attendees will have opportunity to design a report that they can take back with them on a floppy.

Sales management will cover setting up and using the job data fields, using the purchase order fields, using and customizing Estimate Status fields, setting up and using the data displayed for each folder of estimates in the library, using the default groups for estimates and orders, and setting up custom filters for grouping estimates and orders. Will also cover using the reports with various groups, sorting estimates in a folder, searching for estimates in a folder, global searching of estimates in the database, and using the Status Monitor.

Who should attend: This class is for those who will be using BOM estimates for assemblies or sets, including companies that do FAB or machining work. Also, this class is for those who want to edit or customize reports, including estimators, operation managers, sales managers, process improvement/lean manufacturing teams, and financial and accounting staff. (Note: Report design requires the User Designable Reports module).

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