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High Precision Business Tools for Engineered Profits

Complete Estimating Accuracy

Estimating accurate project cost is essential if a manufacturer wishes to remain both competitive and profitable.

Make More Money in Less Time

Manufacturing success means beating the competition, not yourself.  To be profitable, you must be accurate, flexible, and fast.

Increase Profitability

Profitability begins with accurate and comprehensive estimating.  MicroEstimating increases profitability and accuracy from the minute you start using our products.  

Gain Control and Eliminate Losses

Estimates that are overpriced result in lost opportunities and estimates that do not reflect real manufacturing costs lose money. Studies show it takes five profitable jobs to recoup the losses from just one under estimated project. Profitability begins with accurate and comprehensive estimating.

Engineered Profits

When fully utilized, MicroEstimating's software becomes the nucleus of profitable manufacturing. It supports and empowers factory personnel with consistent, reliable, comprehensive, and accurate information for facilitating and enhancing productivity.